AOA and Other Optical Organizations Join in Promoting March as Save Your Vision Month

NEW YORK—The American Optometric Association (AOA) is joined by various eye health organizations this month in observing March’s Save Your Vision Month, an effort to raise awareness of preventable vision loss and the precautionary measures that should be taken in everyday life to maintain eye health. Topics covered across the initiative include eye healthy food, the importance of eye exams and the deterrence of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).
According to the AOA American Eye-Q survey, intended to identify attitudes and behaviors of Americans regarding eyecare, 49 percent of Americans believe carrots are the best food for eye health. In an effort to dispel this assumption, the AOA has highlighted the six key nutrients that are linked to eyesight protection on their website, as well compiled a list of recipes that contain eye healthy foods.
“More than two decades of extensive research have provided a better understanding of how diet and nutrition can not only keep our eyes healthy, but reduce the risk of certain eye diseases as we age,” said Ronald L. Hopping, OD, MPH, president of the AOA. “From dry eye to age-related eye diseases, research shows that nutrition plays a critical role in maintaining the health of our eyes.” 
Other optical organizations taking part in the initiative are Visionworks, an optical retailer, and health insurer Independence Blue Cross. The organizations teamed up last week for their own Save Your Vision initiative during which communications and educational tools were offered to customers and members. Topics included CVS, an eye disorder that has arisen with the increased use of electronic devices, and the importance of eye exams.,  an online retailer operated by Eye Care Associates, had similar goals for Save Your Vision Month. To reach out directly to computer users, the e-tailer published a blog post providing details about CVS prevention and stressing that the best way to detect and prevent eye disease is to have a comprehensive eye exam each year.
As a part of a related health initiative, Prevent Blindness America also brought attention to this issue last week for Workplace Eye Wellness Month, reported in VMail.