Optometric Technician

Posted on: 8/27/2014 5:16:00 PM
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $21,000 - $25,000

Busy optometric group practice looking for energetic candidate to join our team.  Excellent customer service, quality patient care and premium products are our top core values.  Resposibilities include performing all automated preliminary testing, taking patient medical and visual history, data entry into RevolutionEHR system, on-line insurance authorizations, assisting doctors in direct patient care, cleaning equipment and preparing exam room for next patient, escorting patients into exam rooms.  All responsibilities can be trained on premises. Candidate will report directly to doctor owner.  Excellent computer skills, communication skills, and teamwork required.

Apply Online: https://localeyesite.com/job/optometric-technician-0827-east-greenbush-ny-7938

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