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  June 5, 2013
Third Party System

Most Consumers View Vision Care Plans as 'Very Important'

By dba Staff

A majority of consumers view vision care plans as "very important," according to the Managed Vision Care Patient Experience Study produced jointly by Jobson Optical Research and focalCenter. Some 67.8 percent of those surveyed responded that vision insurance was "very important" to them, while another 22.7 percent said that it was "somewhat important." Of the remaining respondents, 6.2 percent had "no opinion," 1.7 percent said vision insurance was "not very important" and 1.5 percent said it was "not at all important."

Conducted over several periods of time between Dec. 2011 and Jan. 2013, the study randomly surveyed 20,585 total respondents. Of those, 59 percent reported having a vision plan, 37 percent said they did not and 4 percent were not sure. The respondents were further focused by asking if they knew their plan name, and 97 percent affirmed that they did, and of those, 66 percent used their plan in the preceding 12 months. This resulted in 6,871 consumers who met the criteria of having a vision plan, knowing its name, using it within the past 12 months and having a named plan recognized as a vision plan by 50 or more respondents.

Source: “Managed Vision Care Patient Experience Study” produced jointly by Jobson Optical Research and focalCenter.

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