The Online Voucher Market and ‘Seeing Is Believing’ Add Up to Virtual Reality on


NEW YORK—The latest special feature on looks at a growing trend in trend in cyber shopping—the online voucher market. Today, health care is among the most popular categories on some sites, a classification which has included numerous deals throughout the optical industry. Find out if eyecare related deals are helping optical retailers lure web shoppers into the brick-and-mortar establishments in their neighborhoods in VM’s exclusive Are Daily Deals a Steal?

Organizers of the first Seeing is Believing virtual conference, which kicks off today at 2:00 pm EST, report that over 1,000 ECPs have registered for the two-day event. A series of education classes, training sessions, webinars and virtual exhibits will target such topics as digital media, practice management, training issues and more. Special registration rates are available for members of key buying groups, alliances and sponsors. For more details and links go to VM’s CLICK feature, posted earlier this month.