Jobson Medical Information and Canada’s Breton Communications Sign New Sales, Marketing Partnership

NEW YORK and LAVAL, Québec—Jobson Medical Information, publishers of Vision Monday, 20/20, Review of Optometry and other leadership information brands in the optical industry, has entered a new sales and marketing partnership with Breton Communications, Canada’s leading information service provider to the optical market, to help both companies offer a wider reach in their communications and services to optical suppliers, retailers and eyecare professionals.

Under the new relationship, which becomes effective immediately, the Jobson Optical Group will represent and sell the Opti-Promo product in the U.S. on behalf of Breton while Breton will represent the Jobson properties in the Canadian market.

“Our strategic relationship with Breton Communications is an important step in providing our clients in the U.S. access to the Canadian market through Breton’s industry leading e-mail communication service,” said Marc Ferrara, CEO of JMI’s Information Services Division. “Now, U.S. ophthalmic companies can reach the full U.S. and Canadian markets through one simple and easy process.”

Added Martine Breton, president of Breton Communications, "We are excited that this new relationship will enable us to bring opportunities to Canadian companies who are looking to find an effective way to reach and approach the U.S. market."